Don’t take it seriously

Don’t take it seriously and you will learn better. Unbelievable, but it works.
August 8th, 2023

For some people it is not easy to take a role of a clown, - to be laughed at. Usually a learner feels embarrassed by making a mistake in front of a group, like mispronouncing a long word, e.g. unfortunately. Probably, one has lived through these awkward moments at school. Not a happy memory, right? Unfortunately.

I have good news for you. Bad memories can be changed by transferring negative thoughts into positive.Try to laugh. Laughter is medicine. The more you laugh about the world around you and yourself, the more you relax your prefrontal cortex and release a free capacity and energy for learning.

But what about learners who take life too seriously or even suffer from anxiety and depression? Try humour therapy – meet a clown, try laughter therapy or yoga. In 2023 research neuroscientists say: “Humour therapy might alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.”*

Mispronounced a word? Forgot a word in a foreign language? Don’t take it too seriously. Awake your laughter. Any form of laughter will do. Try it now. Chuckle, giggle and GRIN.

Grin, Grin, Grin by Catherine Pulsifer***

A good laugh can take away the blues
It is up to us, we can choose.
You always feel better when you
Have a good laugh, that is so true.

Find a reason to laugh each day
Otherwise you’ll find yourself going gray.
Don’t hold it in,
Laugh and grin, grin, grin!

Next time you search a foreign language teacher or coach, check her/his sense of humour.

I would be happy to be your teacher and/or a coach. Book a session now!

Ginta Schindler



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