The very beginning

It is never too late to start something new. I've just turned 51 and opened a new page in my life.

Someone said - every beginning is difficult and that someone might be right. It took some years to create Language Moves. But here it is. Read it, contemplate on it and PRACTISE. Practise the movement suggested in MOVES page along with language learning and teaching. Feel it on your skin and sense it in your body. The Russian writer Anton Checkov once said: “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

This blog is for everybody who likes learning and/or teaching foreign languages.

According to Ethnologue there are about 7 139 known living languages in the world in 2021. I am wondering, how many do you know?  And how many do you actually speak? I guess the second number is somewhat smaller, right?

Learning languages is a lifelong process. You start with a mother tongue and then try to master one or two more tongues at school and then graduate, climb the ladder of career and …one day you realise - the foreign languages are gone with the wind (if not applied to practise). And then there is a hope that a magician in a shape of a teacher will bring it back to you. Actually the magic starts from YOU - from your motivation and commitment. So, which language are you going to learn today? Let’s open a new page.

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