Sun Salutation

We are approaching the day of the summer solstice. Let’s celebrate it with Sun Salutation to greet another AHA moment.
June 8th, 2022

The sun is always there even, if we do not see it. The same with knowledge we obtain and languages we learn. However, not all the words learned can be always recalled. Why can’t we retrieve all the information we acquire?

According to the internet journal Medical News Today the myth of ability to use only 10 % of the brain has been created for years by scientists as well as media. But it is not true. The new studies show that we can use almost all the brain even when sleeping or doing simple activities. However, “The brain is affected by a person’s lifestyle, diet, and the amount that they exercise,” says Lana Burgess*

The exercises can really do the trick and the invisible sun could appear in the way of Eureka moment or suddenly understanding of an unsolvable problem. AHA moments are experienced unexpectedly also in language learning. Have you had one recently? What have you done before it?

And now let’s exercise to greet another AHA moment. We are approaching the day of the summer solstice. Let’s celebrate it with Sun Salutation. Go to any place in nature and practise one of the most powerful Yoga sequences opening the mind and creating the path to your knowledge.

Look for more MOVES here. Happy Midsummer!

Here is a simple variation of Sun Salutation or the first steps of it:

1) Stand with your feet together. Press your palms in prayer position and take several breaths.

2) Inhale as you take your arms out to the side and overhead and then gently bend backwards,

3) Exhale as you bend forward while lowering your arms side wards. Bend your knees, if necessary. Then rest your hands beside your feet.

4) Inhale as you slowly roll up until you reach standing position.

Repeat the sequence at least 5 times. How do you feel? I would be happy to hear from you. Drop me a line.

*Lana Burgess (2018) How much of our brain do we use? (online) Available at: (Accessed on 08.06.2022)

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