Importance of Gratitude

Being thankful for all what you have learned is one of the steps towards success
February 24th, 2023

When you learn another language, be thankful for that what you can and what you have. When you learn another language, you open a new world and meet other cultures. In another words you meet unknown. Are you ready for it? What is your reaction? A judgement? A comparison? A step forward or a step back?

Very deeply inside we are connected, no matter what language one speaks. "And there we were all equally so, are and will be! You are my brother and I am your sister!" writes Sintija Klavina.

Today I would like to thank you for learning with me by a little prayer written by Sintija Klavina. By this prayer you will definitely make a step forward to understanding and to success. Stay connected!

Prayer of Gratitude

I am thankful for this day.

For the touch of the sun on my Soul.

For the Light that is beginning to emerge like a little sprout.

For a slice of bread in your house and in mine.

For the common and unifying feeling in my family, in my ancestral home and in my motherland.

For Communion and people flourishing in Love.

For children, all able and healthy.

For fertile gardens and fields of rye seeded with bread.

For the wilderness, the fertile earth and the ever-bright sky.

For people illuminated and walking towards the Light.

Across meadows, ditches and deserts.

I meet different ones:

the faithful and the envious,

the ignorant and the unloved,

the obsessed and the despised,

the right and the wrong.

If your envious voice leads you to condemn someone

for what they have done, know that the path will not be paved with roses.

Words of gratitude take you back to the beginning,

where we all come from

and where we will all meet anyway.

And there we were all equally so, are and will be!

It will not be separated, condemned or transformed!

You are my brother and I am your sister!

Each other's Thread of Light!

In the presence of Our Lady and Saint Luke


Prayer from the book "The Way to Yourself" by Sintija Klavina, published in Latvian 2022 by "Sava Grāmata", translated from Latvian by Ginta Schindler in 2023

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