"It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole." - Rupi Kaur
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Language Moves is a place to learn Yoga, dance and languages with movement. Movement like walking, dancing, Yoga, games and gestures can ease and improve the foreign language learning in adulthood. Learners and teachers will find here useful ideas for their foreign language lessons.

Language Moves is more than a language school. It is a blog in English about topics that matter in foreign language learning and teaching.

Language Moves is more than a language school. It is the place to find a book or an article about Yoga, dance or language learning with movement or brain based learning. Get inspired today. Explore my list of recommended literature now.

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About author

Hey! I’m Ginta.

I am an educator, author and coach. I’ve been teaching English, Latvian, folk dance, Argentinian Tango and Yoga for more than 20 years being part of numerous media, dance and yoga projects. My professional experience and research led me to the Language Moves – teaching second language with or through movement. Learning is not only in our heads. Bodies can add an enjoyable twist to language learning.

Born in Latvia and based in Germany, I love travelling and teaching English, dance and Yoga in international environments. Just adding a gesture or smile makes the journey of second language learning and teaching more exciting, relaxed and fruitful.

Each learner is unique, but one thing unites everybody. Our bodies consist of about 70 % of water. Let us move, learn and keep it flowing!

Woman standing on a windy beach

Curriculum Vitae

Diplomas and Certificates

  • 2023 - Certificate Teaching Languages with Drama elements Erasmus Teacher Training Academy Dublin

  • 2023 - Outdoor Yoga Trainer - certified by YogaZentrum Travemünde, Germany

  • 2022 - Advanced Certified and Accredited Neurolanguage Coach, Certified by Efficient Language Coaching® (registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling) and Accredited by the International Coaching Federation

  • 2022 - Certificate VHS Digital online teaching, delivered by VHS - Community College Association Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  • 2022 - Certificate in Digital Growth, online Technologies, Masterclasses 42 h, delivered by RigaTechGirls and Google.org, Latvia

  • 2021 - Psychological Coach studies, SGD online University, Germany

  • 2021 – Master of Arts with Merit in English Language Teaching, University of Southampton, England

  • 2017 - English teacher training in ETI Malta “Fluency and Language Development for Educational Staff”.

  • 2016/17 - Yoga Teacher Diploma, Institute for Yoga & Health Cologne (200 h)

  • 2012 – until today participation in health therapy (Neiro Vegeto-Therapy) with Jacques Vaissac (France) and Amanda Keruze (Latvia)

  • 2009 - Yoga Teacher Certificate from Adzits Singha, Holistic Med. Naturopathy Association, Latvia

  • 2008 - Tango Argentino Certificate from Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Argentina

  • 2002 - Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media from Concordia International University Estonia, Estonia

  • 1992 - Bachelor of Arts in English Philology from the University of Latvia

Professional Experience

I have worked as a teacher, translator, Project Manager, Marketing Communications Manager and Account Manager for the following companies or organizations.

Estonia: TV3

Denmark: Tango Aabenraa

Germany: Amtskulturring Langballig, Nord-Spedition, Queisser, Schindler Solar, VHS Flensburg, VHS Schleswig, Yoga-Tango, Zwergenwiese

Latvia: Advertising Agency Airport, Apollo, Baltic-Environmental Forum, Calendula, Dabas tures, I-Dejas Maja, Lattelekom, Publishing House Santa, Riga Secondary School No3, Telekom Baltija, 1188

I speak your language

Latvian – mother tongue

English – close to native level

Russian –good/very good

German – good/very good

Estonian, Spanish and Portuguese – beginner's level

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